The Taint is the downtown of Jerkcity. The Taint was established shortly after the founding of the server in August 2011 with the construction of the Cockscraper.  

Early HistoryEdit

The Taint was originally made up of the Cockscraper and Cafe d'Nuts, with JerkPost being incorporated later. Over time, the walls of the Taint would be expanded to include Jerkcity Fried Chicken and the building that now houses Whole Dudes Organic Grocery. The Taint was expanded dramatically in the following years, eventually incorporating The Cockpit, the Condominiums, and Pants Institute for Scientific Studies.

The Taint featured two underground tunnel systems, the Jean-Charles Underpass and the Ozone Underpass. Both underpasses were decommissioned shorlty after the Jerkcity Regional Transit Authority Subway was installed.

Historic BuildingsEdit