South Jerkcity is a small development located south of The Taint.

History Edit

2013-01-01 01.37.25

South Jerkcity on New Years Day 2013, after some renovation had begun.

2012-08-02 01.20.29

Inside the burnt-out structure in August 2012.


South Jerkcity seen on Dynmap, early 2012.

South Jerkcity was originally constructed by coolface420 as a Nazi-themed structure and bunker, however it was heavily griefed numerous times and abandoned. It sat covered in lava and heavily damaged inside for more than a year before the property was acquired by JFC Corporation in late 2012. JFC heavily expanded and renovated it, turning the former Nazi themed building into the South Jerkcity Complex through a slow development process that took well over a year. The renovated facility included a Howard's Johnson Motel, Club Blueballs (replaced by Chez Jean-Charles), a Cafe d'Nuts franchise, a gay bathhouse in the former bunker space, and a lower level storefront. For a brief period the facility also had corporate offices for the JFC Corporation before they moved to JFC Tower.

Much of the development trouble has been caused by the facility's nonsensical layout which comes from it's original construction. Plans to replace the structure were developed at one point but scrapped due to the building's historic nature.

In 2016 much of the facility was renovated again, re-configuring the layout of the floors to eliminate dead space between some floors that was present in the original design. This created a large new space between the Bathhouse and Howard's Johnson that is slated to be filled with an art gallery (if the server ever gets updated). Several areas, such as Chez Jean-Charles were restored to their original construction dimensions.

In addition to the main building, South Jerkcity features an apartment building with a JFC franchise on the lower level, and a Fapple Computer Store nearby. A JRTA station is also available.

The sub-basement of the main building features an employee's lounge and storage room which date to the original construction of the building. Minimal renovations have been made to incorporate them with the remodeled building.

Current Tenants Edit

  • Chez Jean-Charles
    • Dick Licker and his Chodettes (House Band)
  • Cafe d-Nuts
  • Howard's Johnson Motel (Closed for Renovations as of 2016)
  • Gay Bathhouse
  • Jerkcity Fried Chicken (Apartments Building)
  • Fapple Computer Store